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Review The Godfather Trilogy (classic movies)

genre: crime, drama

I will share my thoughts for each film in this trilogy but I do want to state that even if Frances Ford Coppola did not intend to make the third part it is one hell of a film. 

The Godfather

First time when I saw this, I had no clue what this movie was all about. I think I was 6 or 7. When I caught it at a later stage in life. I was drawn to it. And remain to be drawn to it. To a point that when I see it somewhere I have to keep watching. How is it possible you might think? Well,it is simple it is a masterpiece.  Everything about it is just perfect. Perfect in the sense that there isn’t much to dislike. The acting and the way the story is told is top notch. Even while this is about a crime family you somehow can relate to them. It's interesting to watch how the dynamics are between the family members and refreshing to see that even the most dangerous of crime families have some sort of moral code. This movie is by all definitions a classic. A must watch if you have not done so by now. (And yes I am talking to you Mrs. P.)

The Godfather Part II


The second movie in the trilogy is proof that a sequel can be better than the original. It was a nice touch to show the history of Vito Corleone and especially nice to see where he started and ended. No matter how often you have seen this. It remains interesting and compelling. There are so many scenes that get to you. And mostly because of powerhouse actors like Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Robert Duvall. Plus it is interesting to see how corrupt politicians are just as evil as the members of these crime syndicates. Or maybe even more so since they hide their true nature. If you ask me this film is still very much relevant.

The Godfather Part III

Get used to the hairdo. It has a huge part.

Godfather III often is seen as the lesser part in the Trilogy. And there are numerous reasons for that. But you can read about it yourself. I personally like this one also although it is very flawed in many ways. Because there were some elements that I would have like to seen removed. But in stead of focusing on that I think it is best to mention the good parts. One strong point in my eyes is Andy Garcia. It is a delight to see the man at work. And I had hoped to see much more of him. But since the trilogy always was about Michael Corleone it is understandable why it wasn’t. For some reason this last part had more action than the previous movies. And in this case it does work. Even if Al Pacino is guilty of some overacting it does fit the part of a man who is tired of the life he lives. He really wants out. Even the one of the most quoted scenes:” Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in ” looks a bit cheesy you can sense the anger and despair. But to understand this you do have to have seen the first two parts. Is there more to tell? Well yes, Frances Ford Coppola only made this third one to get out of financial trouble. This might explain why it is so much more flawed than the first two but also why he let his daughter star in it. It was a horrible decision and very often is painful to watch her act. Despite this I think the other actors compensate for this tremendously. Even when this part is very flawed compared to the first two in the franchise it still is superior to most of the gangster movies made these days. 

Overall if you love gangster or crime movies The Godfather Trilogy should be included always. 

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