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Review The Order (2001): Light Van Damme flick that absolutely must not be taken seriously!

genre: action, martial arts

This must be a case of old age getting to me but I could have sworn I already had written a review for this flick on this site. Well, I got the writing the review part right. Only not the fact that it was on my own website. I used to and still in some capacity write reviews for IMDB.com. Underneath you will find the review I have written on there in 2010.

This title has been ignored by me for a long time since I read only bad things about this movie. But once in a while I am in the mood for Van Damme and it was really fun to watch him in this flick. It is actually very refreshing to see Van Damme this lighthearted. Even the late Chuck Heston and Ben Cross make an appearance. First and foremost this is an action movie. JVCD shows his trademark moves and is extremely fit. There are some nice chases and a few fights. The pace is quite fast and there is a beautiful actress in uniform present. What more do you want. The whole Templar things sounds more mystical than it is. And should be completely ignored since it is beyond ridiculous. Fun movie!

There you have it. Short but sweet. So definitely one to check out for the last good Jean-Claude Van Damme flicks.

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