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Review Daughter of the Wolf (2019) and Destroyer (2018): Both are appallingly bad!

Perhaps it is not entirely fair to compare these two although they do both feature strong women in some bad predicaments. Other than that, don't go looking for connections, since there aren't any. I just put these together to fill up the article and I am sure I not going to waste many words on these films. 

Let's start with Daughter of the Wolf. The trailer already made it seem like it was a B movie so I never had problems with that. However I was expecting the performances by for example by Richard Dreyfuss to be good and that the action was going to be entertaining. 

Richard Dreyfuss did appear to look menacing. He certainly is not portraying a nice character. Father is like a cult leader who has very little tolerance for disobedience and defiance. And we do get a few examples of how Father deals with this sort of thing. Other than that Richard doesn't bring anything new or fresh to the table because he never goes full out mad or psycho. 

We know Gina Carano can fight but in this film none of her actions and moves were convincing. It looked like that all the training and experience she gained as a former MMA fighter has been forgotten. Of course this is not the case but obviously the fault of the director and stunt people to choreograph decent action. None of it is exciting or entertaining. Almost every scene in this film is tedious or boring to a point that I was skipping scenes hoping to get to the good parts. There weren't any.

Daughter of the Wolf has nice camera work and beautiful looking wolves. But if you were hoping for some good action or thrills you are going to be very disappointed. This is so bad that I would rather watch Cold Blood or Cold Pursuit. And those were god awful!

Then Destroyer. I think it was Mark Kemode mentioning this title and how Nicole Kidman was on her best in this film. She apparently was showing acting chops like she never had done before.

To be fair Nicole Kidman did go full method and portrayed a very troubled and burned out cop. Her colleagues don't really trust her. Has an awful relationship with her daughter. And surprise surprise drinks on the job. Something she doesn't even hide that well but somehow is allowed to carry on even if a person like that already would have been fired or at least suspended. We have to believe that despite her demeanor and physique she still is someone who cares about her job and people. But you know what I was down with her. I was by her side all the way and wanted her to bring us that goodness that was promised. Unfortunately the journey doesn't lead to anything. Not even self reflection. At the end of the road all you are left with is the realization that you have been duped. There is no character development, hardly any emotional component and certainly not a twist that puts things upside down. It's basically your average cops and robbers film with a female lead and nothing else. 

Don't waste your time with this. Even if film connoisseurs like Mark Kemode say otherwise. I am beginning to think that they only look at the intention of a film and not the finished product. 

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