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Quick Reviews of Cold Blood (2019), Shaft (2019) and Shazam! (2019)

Just some quick thoughts on these titles. Perhaps when I feel like it I will go in deeper. For now this will have to do.

Cold Blood (2019)

It looked so promising. Jean Reno as an assassin who gets a visit from an uninvited guest. Here I was thinking this was going to be very similar to Leon. Perhaps like a what if scenario and Leon managed to escape and get old. Now that would have been something. Unfortunately Cold Blood is one big slow mess. It's story is all over the place with twists and turns that have no impact whatsoever. Almost everything feels lacking. At least Jean Reno and Joe Anderson do their best to make more out of the crap they have been dealt with. It sadly is not enough.

Gigantic waste of your time. So avoid!

Shaft (2019)

Perhaps a little slow and long for it's own good. But definitely an improvement on the original Shaft featuring Samuel L. Jackson. It's more comedic, more action packed and a whole lot more aware of what Shaft should have been. If you are worried that it may be a little too comedic then let me put your mind at ease. Most of the film is nicely balanced and knows when to joke and when to be serious. I also liked that Richard Roundtree the original Shaft was featured as well and thus making it part of the original franchise.

From start to finish a true blast.

Shazam! (2019)

One of the better DCEU films. But it has quite a few flaws. 

First, it's too slow and too long. It takes them too long to get to that moment where Billy Batson realizes what his true power is and comes from. The comedic moments were exactly as advertised. As in, exactly the same comedic moments and nothing more. And why they were referencing to Big (with Tom Hanks) is beyond me. I doubt that the current generation would make that connection.  Yes, it also had a young boy in a man's body. But that is where the analogy stops. Billy Batson might be young, but he has been chosen for a reason. He didn't exactly wish to be a superhero or an adult. It's like they tried real hard to be referencing too pop culture now and in the past so that it would appeal to young and old. I don't think they succeeded in this, as I found the story to be far more appealing to kids than it's to adults. The biggest letdown for me was that the action wasn't as thrilling or exciting as I hoped it to be. It's pretty tame compared to previous DCEU films. 

But I can't deny that overall I found myself entertained.

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