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Review At the End of the Tunnel a.k.a. Al final del túnel (2016): Flawed but solid!

genre: crime, heist, thriller

Joaquín. a wheelchair bound computer engineer,  catches wind of a criminal undertaking and tries to get the most out of it without the criminals knowing he is on to them.

The premise is quite simple but it is layered with some complexities that make the viewing experience quite compelling. For the most part you will be made curious of what is going to happen. But there are some moments where it is asked of you to suspend disbelief. In hindsight these do lie in the realm of them being possible. Although some events are just a little convenient for my taste. 

One major problem is that most characters including the main one are not fleshed out well. I understand that in large part this has to do with maintaining the mystery elements. They probably thought the least you know the surprising their actions would be. And to a degree this does help build the suspense. However in my mind I had created a far darker and unrelenting perspective on the characters and the events. Maybe I was expecting something more like Don't Breathe where there is more to the characters than what initially is displayed. Still, At the End of the Tunnel is more reliant on tension than the twist and turns. Unfortunately this can make the film a little more predictable. However this is remedied by the good cast who do a lot with the very little they are given.

Overall, the film is solid and entertaining. Even if I don't quite agree with how it ended and how other elements were played out.    

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