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Review Boy Missing a.k.a.Secuestro (2016): Comedy capers!

genre: crime, thriller

A boy who looks like he has been through hell is found. After being brought to the police he keeps his mouth shut. Until they managed to find out who he is and his mother is called upon. The boy is deaf and is very hesitant to tell what has happened to him. After some convincing he tells his mother and the police that he has been kidnapped. It's at this point the film hooks you in and gives you the impression you are in for a thrill ride.

Nothing could be further from the truth though. While the film certainly starts compelling it ends up as one big mess. Although I could appreciate some elements in the narrative. I really liked how efficient the police were. It was quite impressive. The acting was solid too. But films like these depend on a strong narrative and good buildup of tension or atmosphere. And unfortunately these are the weakest elements. Let's just say that a lot of actions concerning the main character Patricia (Blanca Portillo) are very questionable. She is supposed to be this super brilliant lawyer. Instead she turns out to be very naive, impulsive and apparently extremely lucky. She makes one stupid move after another making a bad situation even worse. To the extent that will make you laugh about the absurdity that is displayed on the screen. There are some other characters who you can laugh about and if this truly was in the intention then I could have appreciated it. Sadly you are meant to take the events serious which is hard to do. 

When Secuestro starts it gives you the illusion you are about to embark on this thrilling mystery where nothing is what it seems. But soon it turns into unbelievably bad comedy capers. A real shame because with a better story this had real potential. I can't recommend this.

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