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Review Invisible Target a.k.a. Naam yi boon sik (2007): Effective and enjoyable cops and robbers flick!

genre: action, crime, bullet ballet

If you never heard of this film and would browse through a whole library of titles this one might not immediately stand out. But what if I told you that there are some elements to this film that will make it more interesting for you. 

First of all director Benny Chan who also directed Big Bullet, New Police Story and more recently Call of Heroes was at the helm of this film. And as you may know he usually delivers especially action wise. Then the cast. Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue and Jaycee Chan. The last is the son of Jackie Chan who as far as I can tell has no martial arts background whatsoever. These three actors had decent chemistry and were very likeable. Especially Jaycee as the ultra good rookie cop. Next to them you have Wu Jing and Andy On playing the villains. And let me tell you that Wu Jing is excellent as the main baddie because he is unbelievably ruthless and evil in this film. He clearly enjoyed himself.

Another factor is that it looks like that the main cast had to do most of the stunts themselves. Even with the precautions taken it still is a risky business. The actors deserve a lot of respect for this. It does help to make the action more intense and exciting. On top of all this there are some nice dramatic scenes that make events more compelling. It's hardly Shakespeare but effective and that is what counts. That being said some plot elements didn't really fit and felt a little forced. I mean in the second act the film that had been moving in an extremely fast pace suddenly slows down considerably. It's at this moment where you are confronted how little depth there is to the story. Plus you expect this plot element to unfold since every cops and robbers film has such an element. It then takes fifteen minutes or so for Invisible Target to get back on track. But once it does you are in for a real treat. 

Overall Invisible Target is a solid crime flick with lots of good action and nice dramatic scenes. The story is hardly original however a lot of heart is put in this project which for me is a huge plus. So if you have never seen this before I can highly recommend this.

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