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Review Fatal Move a.k.a. Duo shuai (2008): Fatal to your senses!

genre: action, crime

How can you go wrong with such an impressive cast? I mean Sammo Hung, Simon Yam, Wu Jing, Danny Lee and many others should be enough to make a decent movie. 

Well it would have helped if the story was better. What was the point? Making a triad movie with some action in it or making an action movie with triad elements. Doesn't matter anyway because both attempts failed. But even then they could have made up for the bad story with decent action scenes and superb acting. Most of the actors are sleepwalking throughout the film. And the action scenes were unimaginative and very poorly executed. The main flaw I think is the direction. The director hasn't got a clue what to do with the story which is evident at the end. While it was the best scene of the whole film it didn't make any sense. Of course I am talking about the fight between Sammo Hung and Wu Jing. Without a doubt it was the highlight of this production. But to be honest this fight came out of nowhere. Wu Jing, a loyal subject of Sammo , challenges him because he realizes that it is his last chance to do so. Not once did Wu Jing (at least in the version I watched) made it clear that it was his wish to find out who the better fighter was. And how can it be if you are loyal to your boss? It would change the dynamics between you considerably. But it's a reason you simply can't take serious for a second. 

Dennis Law might be a good producer. But he should leave the directing to real competent film makers. I could credit him for cashing in on the SPL craze. Very clever to call upon most of the same cast of SPL. Unfortunately he doesn't know what to do with the big names. A good director would turn to the expertise of these older actors. Especially Sammo Hung who is also a good director. Again with all these big names attached how could you go wrong?

I have said too much already. Fatal Move is big waste of your time. Ignore it!

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