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Review Saban's Power Rangers a.k.a. Power Rangers (2017): Enough there to make me excited for the sequel!

genre: super hero, action, adventure, science fiction

To be honest I wasn't the biggest fan of the Power Rangers. But I must admit I truly enjoyed the Super Sentai ripped scenes. That for me was the real draw and everything original was something I could do without. So I was real curious how Hollywood would fare if they had to recreate everything themselves.

For one thing it was nice to see them take the premise and source material serious. Perhaps a little too serious, but no, I found it to be real effective. The teens are given powers and responsibility they themselves don't think they are prepared for. They are having fun with the new found powers but after that truth and reality sinks in what the price will be. It's not like they can ignore them like nothing happened. Nor can they deny that they don't even know if these powers can be trusted. On top of that they barely know each other. They are supposed to work together? Against what exactly? Most of the film is about the teens dealing with their own issues and acceptance. This easily could have been boring. But it never was. Although I do think that it came at the cost of the action scenes. There are a few and they certainly are adequate. Only they slightly miss the impact of what the original Super Sentai scenes did. But I have the utmost confidence they will remedy this in the sequel. And yes a sequel is coming which is very good news since this is a franchise deserving of more and better.

What surprised me the most was that I actually liked all of the teens. They were extremely charming. Not a single annoying one in between them. And I found myself rooting for them all the way. It's not their fault that the writing was a little lazy when it came to their characterization and how they behaved towards each other. Except for the darkness and bleakness infused in the story. I think someone really needs to explain to Hollywood that you can do serious without having to add this much darkness. I mean we are still talking giant monsters and robots here. A little light heartedness and more comic relief would not have hurt the film. 

As much as I enjoyed Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa she is no match for the original from the Super Sentai series and Carla Perez from who portrayed the character when replacing the stock footage. They brought in that theatrical and over the top wickedness that made it fun. Banks tries but doesn't really interact that much with other so she remains pretty cool and composed. 

Overall this film was very enjoyable and a whole lot more fun than The Equalizer 2 for example. Did I just compare these two together? Yes, I did. Power Rangers might take itself a little seriously it still is providing fun and entertainment. The Equalizer 2 is just a pretentious piece of crap that is no fun at all.  So yes enough here to make me look forward to the sequel.

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