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Review Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018): I was surprised to find out that it was real entertaining!

genre: kaiju, science fiction, action, adventure

Pacific Rim: Uprising was met with a lot of hate since original director Guillermo del Toro wasn't at the helm any more although he still is attached as producer. And I am curious how much he was involved. But if I had to guess not that much as some would like to. The tone is different for example. Less dark and threatening. However that is substituted with more twist and turns and thrilling action. Not as grand and epic as in the original but still spectacular. One complaint though that there is not that much monster action. I know what  you are thinking. Isn't that supposed to be the main draw? You are right. It should have been. Still there is plenty of robot action and that is fun also.

There are no real big names apart from John Boyega and Scott Eastwood. Then there are some characters from the original who return even when their roles are a little diminished. That could be an issue if you have problems with the younger cast members. To their credit though they were very adequate and likeable. Most of the film are put on the shoulders of Boyega and he handles it like a champ. He demonstrates what he is capable of when given the space and opportunity. I wished Lucasfilm and DIsney would acknowledge that also. I mean it's ridiculous how he was treated in The Last JediHe easily was one of the main draws in Force Awakens and then to see him being diminished to basically a glorified extra is absurd. People bitch about Jar Jar Binks but even he, a CGI character got more respect from Lucas than Boyega got from Rian Johnson. To make matters worse he is not even allowed to have the screen all for himself. He is forced to share it with a new character who adds absolutely nothing to this film and the Star Wars Universe. (It's really bothersome that he himself thought to defend Lucasfilm and troll fans in order to follow the narrative they spun blaming the fans of the failure of Disney Star Wars.)  Any ways sorry for my little rant there. At least in this film Boyega is a true main character who you will like and root for.

There is not a boring moment in this film. In fact, they rushed through events like there was no tomorrow. It would have been very welcome if they stopped from time to time to spend some time on the characters and background of the events. I mean a little more world building would not have hurt.  

As far as I am concerned this is a good follow up to the original and was surprisingly entertaining. I also expected this to be terrible. And it's not. So those people claiming that this is a terrible movie are far too uptight and demanding. It's a light blockbuster film where monster action is replaced with robot action. Is that enough for the outrage? No, because the film does explain why it's happening and what it's going towards. There's even a hint of a third part. Too ambitious and too confident? Perhaps. But I am all game. Let's hope that they made enough so that the third part is coming. 

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