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Review Molly's Game (2017): A pleasant surprise!

genre: drama, crime, thriller

Suddenly there was a lot of fuzz about Molly's game but to me it wasn't entirely clear why that was. It seemed to be a film about poker and I am not really a fan of those types of films. My interest peaked when it was stated that Molly's game was a crime film and that poker is just an element of many.

To be clear, while poker is featured it's only vital to bring the plot forward. You aren't required to know or like the game. Crime is a bigger element but just as poker only essential to to keep things going. The most rewarding element is the relationship between Molly and her father played by Kevin Costner. I am not going into how and why but it's the thread that sticks events together in ways you probably won't even be aware of. However it is asked of you to accept the slow pace and not entirely original plot points. You need to be very patient. But it's not torturous by any means since the acting is incredibly good. Jessica Chastain completely carries the movie and adds complexity to her character in very subtle ways which is very hard to do and quite impressive. Costner like always is top notch. Same could be said about Idris Elba. He too very subtly downplays his role not to take the limelight away from Jessica. That kind of generosity suits an actor of his caliber. Like the title suggests it's all about Molly. And Molly is a character your are going to root for. She has the kind of mentality and drive one can only aspire to have. It is unclear to me why Chastain wasn't nominated for Best actress at the Oscars since she certainly deserved the spot. She would have given Frances McDormand a run for her money if the Oscars would have been just and fair that is. And if no politics were involved. Speaking of politics. What was up with McDomand's request for women to stand up? That made me dislike her. Also it contradicts what Molly stands for. She doesn't want to be helped. She wants to achieve things on her own. Who can't relate to that? 

The least said about this film the better since it will allow you to go on a journey together with Molly which is going to be very rewarding and in my opinion very beautiful. So do check this one out!

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