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Review Game Night (2018): There is a certain charm to it but overall very disappointing!

genre: comedy, crime

When I saw the trailer I honestly thought this film was going to be a fun viewing experience. It seemed the type of film where farce and crime would be blended in a way that would make me laugh. What I got in return was nothing like that.

To be clear. Game Night is not awful. There are some factors that doesn't make it feel like an entire waste of time. However you will have to deal with the fact that most of the events are stupendous beyond belief. It is asked of you to accept all of the events and actions of the characters like they aren't idiotic. The only thing that stands in the way of that is the charm and appeal of some of the actors. Jason Bateman is one of those people who you will like no matter what. Even if he is a douche bag you find yourself rooting for him. Rachel McAdams was a little annoying at times but since she and Jason do have some good chemistry I was not bothered by her. The funniest and most compelling character was Gary played by Jesse Plemons. He is socially awkward and downright creepy. It provided the best comedy and yet he is not capitalised on. He has like three or four scenes tops. I really don't understand why he is so underused.

The writing is awful. The whole gimmick of the film where a group of people think they are playing a game while actually being part of real life criminal events could have provided many laughs. This concept is dropped very quickly and becomes a very plain crime film that you can't take very seriously. The trailer of Game Night made it seem that this would be  a film that would start as a comedy and then would transform into a thriller with lots of comic relief. I would have applauded that. But for some reason the film sticks to very easy and juvenile jokes that aren't very funny. One running joke for example is where Kevin (Lamorne Morris) is confronted with the fact that his high school sweetheart and now wife Michelle (Kylie Bunbury) has slept with a celebrity while they were on a break from their relationship and she refuses to tell him who it is. Lamorne is an expert when it comes to such story lines since most of New Girl  (a show he is in) consists of similar plots. Yet he doesn't even come close to the craziness of his Winston character.  Kevin wants to know but isn't as obsessed enough to find out who this celebrity is. Only one time do they show one thought concerning this instead of plural where they easily could have shown a progression of his anger and frustration. It would have been hilarious. There is barely to no conflict between the couple and not only is this highly unrealistic it's also very boring. Actually there is very little arguing and conflict between characters. That is what would have made things interesting. Even in silly films like these there should be some character development. It's non existent.

If it weren't for Plemons, Bateman and Kyle Chandler I would have given up on this film. I can't recommend this and I am real surprised to see so many raving reviews about this.

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