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Review Office Christmas Party (2016): Could have used a lot more laughs but still has some charm!

genre: comedy

Office Christmas Party is one of those predictable comedies where it is expected of you to just go with the flow and embrace it for maximum effect. And for a large part I really was willing to go with it's story and comedic antics.

Problem is that apart from a few raunchy moments that the film itself is quite tame. It plays it far too safe although I am thankful for not being bombarded with vomit and feces jokes. As I can recall there were very little to no gross out jokes. Except for some blatant in your face nudity. It's not something that shocks me but for a Hollywood production it is surprising. I am very certain though that prosthetics have been used before you get all excited. Most of the charm comes from the likable cast and their random quirkiness to deal with the issues they have to solve. Real surprise was Courtney B. Vance as Walter Davis. He was involved in the funniest moments this film had to offer and I promise you these moments will make you laugh out loud. But as I said there aren't enough of such scenes which is the whole point of watching this film in the first place. Therefore Office Christmas Party can be a disappointing affair. Nevertheless I did find myself enjoying the film largely because it has it's heart in the right place.

Not spectacular but will give you a chuckle or two. 

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