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Review Legends of Tomorrow S03E18: The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly (SPOILER FREE)

Legends of Tomorrow has been the most consistent and solid one compared to the other shows in Arrowverse. Perhaps because they have more freedom and options to different things. Or it could just be that the overall writing is slightly better and that the format has given a platform to known characters who deserved better. Wally West as Kid Flash and Constantine certainly have been showing what we have been missing out on. And to top it off they have given us a finale that was epic but light hearted as well. As if they were aware of the dangers of becoming too dark and brooding.

I don't know how or why it happened but The Flash and Arrow have become too dark for their own good. But to be honest that is something I could live with had the writing been stronger. This constant conflict and drama is off putting. It destroys what made the shows good in the first place. Legends of Tomorrow also had it's darker moments however it always made sure it at least had enough comic relief to relief the tension. Besides the characters in Legends of Tomorrow are treated with much more respect than the ones in The Flash and Arrow. The Flash is very powerful one episode and the next he can't even take on the villain of the week. Is it really that much to ask to have him at least be consistent with his powers. Arrow was on a roll but always was plagued with trust issues. It now has gotten to the point that the characters partnered with Oliver have no clue who he is and what he is about. Often all it takes is one misunderstanding and friends or partners are at odds with each other. Give me a break. It happens of course but not to the extent like in Arrow. Legends of Tomorrow does a better job of showing how a team could and should work. You accept for who they are and then try to work together despite the flaws. I like how the characters get the chance to redeem themselves quickly after they have strayed from the good path for some reason. The show also has demonstrated how they have become more effective as a team. 

The Good, the bad and the cuddly for the most part annihilates all the darkness from the previous episodes and gives us that old feel good vibe that make these superhero shows so entertaining. But at the same time it also manages to have just enough dramatical impact to remind you that it's not all fun and games. This episode was filled with  nice surprises throughout. But it also wraps up the main story very neatly and positive. It makes me look forward to what is to come. Proof that you don't always need to end on a dark and dramatic cliffhanger.

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