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Alternative way in office Halden Graves Copy Protect side mission / Prey (PS4)

After a brief break I decided to play Prey again and came across a glitch that prevented me from completing a side mission. Since I am the type to complete as much as I can this was not an option. In the Copy Protect side mission you are required to get access to the office of Halden Graves who has put a limitation on fabricating neuromods. As you know these are very important and vital in this game so we can't allow this. You need a keycard for this which you are supposed to be able to retrieve from a man on the floor underneath of the office. But for some reason this man wasn't present. I guess I accidentally evaporated his body when using recycler charge on the Telepath. You can see the keycard but you can't pick it up. Fortunately you don't need this keycard in order to open the office.

So the solution underneath is for those few who have encountered the same issue like I have.

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