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Review Taken (Season 1 / 2017): Adequate prequel series!

genre: action, crime

The show is meant as a prequel to Taken where we get to see Brian Mills (played by Clive Standen known for Vikings and Robin Hood) in action and where he learns his particular set of skills. The problem with prequels is that it doesn't leave much room for real danger since we know that Mills is alive and well. And it takes a lot of the tension and suspense away. 

However this show while having some twists and turns focusses on action. The action is enjoyable and even the characters in Mill's team are likeable. Leading this team is Jennifer Beals who apparently is specialised in playing these roles so she does make things more interesting. Biggest problem is that this show is predictable as hell. You just know what direction the episode is going once the introduction has ended. It's one of those shows perfect to have running in the background while you do house chores like folding clothes or ironing or something. It's definitely not one you watch for the stories. Although there were some episodes where we get to learn why Mills is so effective in what he does. 

Adequate enough. Plus it's a short show you could breeze through quite fast if you would want to. I myself watched when I felt like it or just to watch something while I was eating. 

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