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Review Blade Runner 2049 (2017): You are better off watching the original again and then forget this sequel ever being made!

genre: science fiction, drama, film noir

Before I watched this film I had read many articles and seen some video reviews where the majority of people were praising the this film. Then I read an article where Ridley Scott himself (you know the director and producer of the original Blade Runner) who is attached to this project as executive producer only, thinks the film is too long. If that isn't a sign of trouble then I don't know what is.

The first thing you will hear how beautiful and spectaculair the film is visually. Think again. Everything was greyish, dark and foggy. Only one scene had vistas that reminded me of the original as it had some colour in them but mesmerizing and beautiful. No. Not in the slightest. Surely the story and the characters make it worth your while? I mean even Harrison Ford very willingly wanted to be a part of this. Sorry to break it to you but the acting was decent enough but nothing memorable our outstanding unless you include bad acting on Jared Leto. It certainly was outstandingly awful. It's so funny how he thinks his method acting is so serious and productive. He pauses almost after three words like William Shatner and still looks and sounds more ridiculous than Shatner does.Harrison Ford who should be a character who knows things acts like he is a confused grandpa. Deckard already wasn't particularly bright but he had some skills. Now is mostly old and lost. Still the best moments in the film were with him at the core of them.

The story is awful. There were two twists where the reveal of the first came in far too early. Destroying any sense of suspense. But I was hoping for some dramatic impact and perhaps the second twist was dramatic only I did not think it was the good kind of dramatic. It completely negated the whole point of the film and what could have been real awesome moments between K (Ryan Gosling) and Deckard. Why would Villeneuve do this? The whole film depends on the possibility and what it could mean for the future. Why not show how this development affected the people who were involved the most directly. And what it could lead to? The film makes you sit for just under three hours and then reveals very little new with minimal impact. Thanks Villeneuve. One of the sub plots is K's holographic girlfriend. He preferred her over the real thing. But I guess he just wanted to feel and be as normal as possible. This sub plot had very little to do with the main plot other then to show that the one thing he loved could easily be discarded of. Thanks again Villeneuve.

You night have read and heard that this film is thought provoking and touches upon deeper existential themes. If by that they play a role then yes. But if you were wondering or hoping to be challenged then hell no. Blade Runner 2049 is 163 minutes long. What if I told you there is only thirty minutes of story including the action scenes. Now spread that amount of content over the almost three hours and tell me if it can be considered too long and too boring?

The last time I watched the original I wasn't so enthusiastic as before but now I can honestly say that the original is and always will be a superior film since it does so much more and has incredible visuals to boot. The world and the characters in the original were far more compelling. The action meant something. Whenever Deckard dealt with a replicant you felt sorry for them. Now human or replicant you hardly feel for them. Gosling and Ford were the only ones doing something but were given terrible scripst and dialogues to work with,

There is nothing worth your while in this sequel. You aren't even given conclusive answers to the mysteries raised in the original. All you get is an extra mystery that is not fleshed out in the least and in my opinion is incredibly ridiculous. So please don't bother. You are better off watching the original!

Here I will discuss spoilers in case you found my thoughts above lacking.

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