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Review Go Goa Gone (2013): One of the first Indian zombie flicks and I'll be damned it's actually entertaining!

genre: comedy, horror, action

Go Goa Gone is one of the first zombie films made in India 2013. I guess they thought it was about time to venture in that genre. And I must say that I was pleasantly surprised how good it was. 

Now you do have to realize that this is not a fresh or creative take on zombies. So if you were hoping for that I will have to disappoint you. But seeing how this is the one of the first excursions into the genre they probably want to ease people into these types of films. So you see the film explain the basics of zombies and how to deal with them. It's actually one of the elements that makes this film even funnier. Like a comedic take on The Walking Dead where in that universe they did not even made films about zombies because it's a completely new phenomenon for them. Although Go Goa Gone doesn't go that far because the main characters in the film are aware of the creatures and films but never paid much attention to them. To be frank Indian horror films are a rarity. Not sure why exactly but perhaps one day the audience will warm up to those and we will see more being made. 

A lot of people compare this to Shaun of the Dead. It's been a real while I have seen that one and I do remember liking it but to be honest I do feel it's a bit overrated. So whenever another film mixes up comedy with zombies you have people compare it to that film and of course Go Goa Gone won't be able to live up to it. What this film does achieve is to provide comedy that people can relate to. In this case the three friends Luv (Vir Das), Hardik (Kunal Khemu) and Bunny (Anand Tiwari) who are joined by Luna (Puja Gupta) and Boris played by bollywood star Saif Ali Khan. Both Luv and Hardik take advantage of Bunny and mostly give the impression they leech of him instead of being real good friends. But because of the dire events they find themselves in we get to see other sides to them. Most of the comedy is based on the dynamics between these characters and how they deal with the new threat. They are very likeable characters and you don't want to see them get hurt even if at one point they act like total buffoons and don't prepare themselves properly. 

The ending hints to a sequel that unfortunately has not been made yet but it has been confirmed that it's coming. I for one am looking forward to it. Go Goa Gone is a very adequate, funny and entertaining zombie flick. Sometimes that is all I ask for.

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