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My thoughts on the midseason finales of Arrowverse (SPOILERS)

Arrow S06E09: Irreconcilable Differences

I really love the shows in Arrowverse but sometimes I really can't stand the horrendous writing just to keep it edgy and dramatic. I mean how many more times must The Green Arrow's identity become a problem for Oliver Queen to deal with. It has happened a million times already. It's boring, tedious and completely distracts from the crime fighting and more important events. Then another recurring theme. Betrayal. The whole point of a team is that you work together because you have each other's trust. But ever since Oliver has the team there have been members betraying that trust on a whim and then magically that trust gets restored again because the writers say so. Now granted the way they did it this time where Cayden James is the puppeteer of all the wrong doings was a nice touch however that doesn't excuse the writers from the fact that they let members like Rene act out of character. Just like the characters in the show we the audience also need to be able to rely on them unless you have a very good reason for us not to. In this case I don't think they did this. Obviously things look dire now and naturally it will get resolved quickly after the break. Still the writers really need to stop resorting to the overused themes and try to do new things. 

The Flash S04E09 Don't Run

So far I have not been that impressed with this season. I don't think The Thinker is really compelling as the main villain. Even with the moves he pulled I find myself disinterested and hope it will improve. I am getting a little tired of Team Flash being so easily owned while by now they should be more vigilant and efficient. Killer Frost very easily could overpower Amunet Black but somehow she keeps forgetting her true strength. I am sure that is due to limits budget wise and not the quality of the writing. I also don't get why first they made a big deal about Wally but then want us to completely forget about him like he never existed. It's that kind of writing that annoys the hell out of me. Now Barry Allen is in trouble because of the super smart chess tactics thought up by The Thinker. While I have to admit I didn't see the twist coming I wasn't wowed in the least. Because there is very little logic tied to his actions. It's just because the writers say it's clever instead of actually writing something clever. Big difference.

 Legends of Tomorrow S03E09 Beebo the God of War

Despite the writers mocking vikings I thoroughly enjoyed this episode since the members especially Jefferson are dealing with the death of Stein. I disliked him leaving the team though. But Constatine showing up made me real happy. It would be real awesome if he will be part of the Legends for a while. And who knows this might lead to him getting his own show again. It would expand and enrich Arrowverse considerably. So make that happen. And it was nice to see Ava Sharpe finally mellowing out a bit. Not sure if that is because she likes Sarah. But it doesn't matter. Most important is that the Legends finally get the respect they deserve. 

Supergirl S03E09 Reign

The first two seasons of Supergirl had been very enjoyable to me without exception until the last four episodes of this third season. I am aware that they are trying to make Kara go through some stuff and set up the new villain Reign who is going to be Supergirl's version of Doomsday. At leasts that is what I have understood. But somehow the writing simply isn't as compelling as it once was. Although same could be said for all of the shows in Arrowverse. I certainly hope this trend won't continue and that they will pick up the pace soon enough. I thought it was almost brilliant to set up Reign as one of the good guys or someone we could root for and then to have Kara find out that things aren't what they seem. The ultimate betrayal. Only I don't think the writers did a good job of convincing us that Samantha Arias is a good friend of Kara. I can't recall them having real conversations or moments where they helped each other out in significant ways. Question is why go to all the trouble of establishing Samantha as an innocent to then suddenly make her appear as this super villain who is hell bent on dishing out justice the old Kryptonian way long before Kara's Krypton existed. There is no real build up to this. At least not in the way that it has much impact. Seems like a lost opportunity to me. Fortunately the battle between Reign and Supergirl certainly was exciting enough but imagine if the stakes were higher and Kara knew it was Samantha. The dramatic impact would have been so much more devastating. 

The whole Mon-El returning thing was hardly surprising but I have a feeling it is going to be one of those soapy relationships where they eventually will end up together but not until they go through some real hardships.  I can't say that I like it or truly despise it. I just wished that it would be more meaningful. Still it could very well be possible that Mon-El is going to be used as motivation for Kara to be the Supergirl we haven't seen before. For example if Mon-El dies at the hand of Reign. How will Kara take it? She will go nuts I tell ya. 

So overall the ending of this midseason finale of Supergirl does make up for some of the bad writing these last episodes but I do hope that the writing will be at least on par with season 2 and earlier episodes of season 3.  

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