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Review Wolf Warrior II a.k.a. Zhan lang II (2017): I'll take propaganda and melodrama any day if the action is this good!

genre: action, adventure, war

Wolf Warrior was already a fun flick and was a good showcase of Wu Jing as an action star, director and storyteller. With Wolf Warrior 2 he ups the ante to epic proportions. I am not kidding by saying that you won't believe how spectacular this film is.

Is it a little too melodramatic and perhaps a little nationalistic? Sure but I see no difference between this and American films. China is basically doing the same as Hollywood used to or still is doing which is portraying themselves as the heroes. Well, in this the Chinese people and some Africans are the heroes. I am totally fine with that. Especially if it gives the high quality action and spectacle that this film has done. I mean I truly am not exaggerating the scale of the film. It easily is ten times bigger than the original. Wolf Warrior II also doesn't spare you. It very gladly will display the horrors of wars and the aftermath of those wars, hunger and diseases or rather the negligence  of curing those diseases. At first it can be somewhat overwhelming since it is a bit heavy handed. But fear not once Wu Jing takes on the mission to rescue a doctor called Chen eases up on the melodrama and focuses on the action. Such sweet and beautiful action. Now Wolf Warrior II does have moments where the drama is turned up to the maximum but these moments are surprisingly effective since they intensify what the good guys are trying to accomplish. It makes you root harder for them. It is very reminiscent of old war movies like Guns of Navarone and The Great Escape.

Celima Jade from Arrow had a big role and while we know she can be convincing doing action she unfortunately serves as a damsel in distress but one with attitude and no pushover by any means so that makes it OK in my book. Frank Grillo is the villain named Big Daddy and seems to have similar characteristics to his Crossbones character of the two latest Captain America films. A ruthless mercenary for hire who has very little to no honour and loyalty. The worst kind of soldier you can imagine. He is not as fleshed out as I would have liked but we do get to see him fight and that is what most people want right?

Wolf Warrior II has a post-credits scene where Wolf Warrior III is announced. And that makes me so happy. Wu Jing could make a whole series of these like Tom Cruise did with Mission Impossible and Sylvester Stallone with Rambo or The Expendables. So can't wait for that film to be ready. Wolf Warrior is must watch for everyone who love good action. Old school action to be precise!

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