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Review Undisputed III: Redemption: Boyka IS the most complete fighter in the world!

genre: martial arts, action, crime

The title might be the most generic but it is the most fitting. The antagonist of Undisputed II: Last Man Standing returns in this sequel as the protagonist. Boyka the once proud champion is defeated and demoted to latrine duty. Most men would have wallowed in pity or worse. Only Boyka while down and out is far from broken. Boyka is still a proud and honourable man who doesn't let a bad knee or any other issue get in the way of his ambition.

As only he can, he proves himself to Gaga who is impressed with his recovery and mentality and signs him up for a new tournament between champions of other prisons. The whole idea of course is preposterous but in films like these it's best not to get hung up about those details. Now somewhere in the Republic of Georrgia in a prison called Gorgon he will face other skilled fighters. Naturally you already will know how events play out. But I have to give credit to Isaac Florentine for actually attempting to tell stories and elaborate on the world a little more than usual. As much as I appreciate this I do think that most of these scenes are dragging and slow the film down considerably. Because it is in these moments that you are confronted with lack of compelling plot and some real painful acting. Especially by Marko Zaror who plays the ultimate and undefeated champion of Gorgon named Raul 'Dolor' Quinones. I have no clue whether he intentionally was trying to be comedic or he actually was trying to be menacing. It doesn't really matter. Every time he is on the screen you can't help but laugh because of his crossed eyes. That in combination of trying to be edgy and evil makes him a walking parody. If it weren't for his excellent fighting skills I would not have taken him seriously at all. Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Turbo was highly annoying at first but he made up for it because of his chemistry with Scott Adkins.

Scott Adkins is one of the main reasons to check out Undisputed III. Even when we hardly know where Boyka comes from and how he ended up in prison he has made Boyka into one of the most bad ass characters ever. Adkins is phenomenal as the Russian of few words. His whole demeanour is that of a man you never want to mess with. Especially when he fights. Now I am fully aware that the martial arts in the film are more the flashy variety and might not be the best way to defeat opponents. Only it looks spectacular. Adkins pulls out moves like it's nothing. His fights and the other ones are definitely the highlight of the film.

Overall Undisputed III: Redemption will give you the martial arts goodness you crave for. But apart from Adkins as Boyka there is very little else. Keep that in mind.

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