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Review What We Do in the Shadows (2014): Funny to hilarious but little uneven!

genre: comedy, horror

What We Do in the Shadows is a mockumentary written and directed by Jemaine Clement amd Taika Waititi. Especially the last name is important since he is also the director of Thor: Ragnarok. If you aren't familiar with him then you really ought to check out The Hunt for the Wilderpeople. It will give you a very good sense what he is capable. of. Actually that film is the main reason why I wanted to watch this film and I am happy I did. 

However I do have to make clear that I am not a huge fan of mockumentaries especially of this size. I think these kinds of films work the best as shorts. But the longer you make them the harder it gets to remain sharp, witty and consistent. The same thing occurs in this film as the lack of a main narrative or story results in a film that is a little uneven. It's not a non stop laugh riot. There are some scenes that aren't particularly funny and outstay their welcome long before they are over. But and this is a big but (no pun intended) there are some scenes that are so incredibly hilarious you will die laughing. I liked how they decided to stay true to the conventional myths and legends of vampires, werewolves and other monsters. It is therefore required you are familiar with these. I can't fathom who wouldn't be. Although I can imagine that current generation might have the wrong ideas because of travesties like Twilight. Or you could be one of those few people that never watch horror. Even typing this hurts. How can you not like horror? I mean what is wrong with you? Anyway they managed to make fun of the vampires by randomly showing you what life is like for them. Funny, tragic and even heart-warming at times. I have to confess I watched this in parts and that way I was enjoying quite nicely. I tried watching it normally but found myself to be bored of the concept. I am aware that the mockumentary style is what makes this unique and funny. How often will vampires lend themselves to be filmed. Actually is it even possible to film vampires? 

Overall What We Do in the Shadows is funny and clever. While I might not like the style chosen I do think it is exactly what made it work as satire. Although the lack of real story will make it hard for some to watch the entire film as it basically is a compilation of short scenes that can be hit and miss comedy wise. 

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