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Review Overdrive (2017): Mind-numbingly boring Fast and Furious clone!

genre: action, crime, heist

There is no doubt in my mind that the people involved thought they had a winner on their hands. Or at least something that comes close. Unfortunately more than ever this will make you appreciate how good the Fast and Furious franchise actually is.

Beautiful cars, incredible vistas's and locations, good looking people and some nice stunt work here and there. Most of the ingredients that make the Fast and Furious enjoyable are present. Except for star power and adrenaline. Overdrive should actually be called Slow and Tame. Granted Overdrive tries to be clever and focus a little more on the heist elements than the action. However it fails to add real surprises. It is quite clear that something is coming and once it's there you will ask yourself: " Is that it? " To be fair Overdrive starts out competent but then soon after descends into nothingness. It is almost incredible how little there is going on in this film you won't predict. Only if you never have seen a crime or heist film then maybe. But for everyone else you will be bored out of your mind. There are only a few action scenes and only two or three sequences can count as decent. Everything else is average or edited in a way that you can hardly enjoy the action. Even as car porn this fails since you hardly get to enjoy the beauties. Director Antonio Negret is completely out of his league as he has not directed films of this magnitude before. Producer Pierre Morel most famous for Taken at least knows how to make good action films. So why wasn't he more hands on with this film? Story wise he might not have done much different but at least the action would have been exciting and enjoyable. And let's be honest here. That is the main reason why most people want to watch this film. Scott Eastwood is a likeable character and he looks a lot like his father but he doesn't offer anything special. Freddie Thorp is adequate enough but has even less of a personality than Scott does. Why were they paired up? And why weren't they made more colourful? They had no chemistry whatsoever. And then the villains. Every action on their part can be predicted to a tee. Overdrive was screaming for an over the top villain to spice things up. Instead you get served flavourless bad guys. 

I already wasted more words than I wanted to. But this ninety minute film is extremely slow and mind numbingly boring. So avoid!

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