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Review Ali G Indahouse (2002): The O.G. Troll in one of his best films!

genre: comedy

Ali G is one of Sacha Baron Cohen's characters who is very out there to evoke a response from unsuspecting people mostly politicians to poke fun at them and what they stand for and at the same time parody the culture his character represents. I have seen some of his interviews where in a very unorthodox way exposed certain attitudes and mentality. One of these people was Donald Trump BTW who again fails to show he has a sense of humour. If you would meet a character like Ali in person and you still are clueless whether he is a serious interviewer or not you need to check your funny bone and perhaps need to give your brain a big tune up as well. But even if you are open minded and can appreciate eccentricity surely his questions must be a dead give-away. It was rather amusing to watch certain of these people take him so seriously. Sometimes they felt superior and were pretty sure he was a fool not realizing that Ali G was trolling them. Consequence was that Ali G became bigger than life and a film was made. 

So is this film a good representation of his sharp comedy? Not entirely. The film focuses more on rap culture and crude sex jokes but does touch upon politics a little. At the time all the things Ali G did was totally preposterous. Of course it still is but if you compare it to Trump's presidency and all the craziness that surrounds him almost makes Ali G's crude behaviour charming and endearing. But make no mistake a lot of his jokes are still very offensive and childish which definitely won't be for everyone. Then again Sacha is brilliant as the wannabe gangsta rapper with a good heart. No one is spared not even Queen Elizabeth. Thought Charles Dance last scene in Game of Thrones was humiliating? Think again. Let's just say that Dance really is a good sport and not afraid to make fun of himself. Michael Gambon and Rhona Mitra got spared but they too seemed like they were having a lot of fun. Martin Freeman pre Sherlock and The Hobbit who portrays one of Ali G's mates also is very hilarious. 

There really is not that much to say about Ali G Indahouse since it mostly is a nonstop sketch show where the majority of the jokes had me up in stitches. Not because they were clever but mostly since the timing and delivery was done superbly. Sacha Baron Cohen is one hell of an actor who rarely breaks character. I think he is one of those guys who can be very convincing in whatever he does. What I like most about him is that despite being over the top ridiculous he still is able to make his characters vulnerable and endearing in a way. That is very hard to pull of so RESPECT!!!

So yes, Ali G Indahouse still holds up pretty well and will definitely make you laugh if you are not easily offended or taken back by crudeness. 

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