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Review The Final Girls (2015): Very inventive and creative horror parody!

genre: horror, slasher, comedy

The Final Girls is a parody that plays around with the sub genres within horror but also adds some substance to it. It might not always blend the different elements together perfectly but that is part what gives this film it's charm.

You can tell a lot of heart and passion went into this project and that all the people involved had fun making this film. The bloopers at the end before the credits give some idea of that fun. For the viewer it's a lot of fun also especially because of the high surprise factor. Just when you think you know how it is going to play out they change the direction leaving you guessing till the end. Granted the overall film is not that creepy or scary however there are more than enough scares that are very effective. You certainly will laugh a lot since some events are incredibly hilarious. Strangely enough some dynamics actually have some depth to them and really make you deeply invested into these characters. This is one of the few movies you really don't want any of the characters to die since all of them are likable. Personally I never had any problems with Malin Akerman's acting but for the ones who did will find that she has improved considerably. She was able to be funny and serious when she needed to be. She carried her role with the right amount of sexiness and maturity and was sympathetic throughout the whole film. Taissa Farmiga who you might know from American Horror Story was far more likable in here than she was in that show (only watched the first season).

The Final Girls is filled with little nods and references that especially horror fans will appreciate. Some are subtle and others are purposely obvious. But the minute you are aware it becomes incredible fun since even when you are in on it, so to say, you still will be surprised. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Final Girls is a must watch for sure.

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