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Review Bad Moms (2016): I had a good time watching this!

genre: comedy

Bad Moms is one of those lowbrow comedies you simply know how it is going to play out and end. All you can hope for is that it will do a good enough job of making you laugh and entertain you. And against my expectations it did made me laugh more than I cringed.

What is even more surprising that there was a sincerity to the film. I actually felt sympathetic to the "bad" moms because essentially they are good mothers who are simply overwhelmed due to having to combine parenting with work and all kinds of extracurricular activities. This in essence is the core of their problem and yet it never occurs to them to dial back on some of their activities until main character Amy played by Mila Kunis is fed up with it. Naturally hilarity ensues as the kids and everybody else is not prepared for such defiance. Then the typical comedic events come in to play you probably already have experienced in The Hangover and it's sequels. Mind you Bad Moms is never that disgusting or crude. There are some stupid sex jokes but they pass by real quickly so you don't have that much time to think about them for which I was grateful. Although in these scenes it is obvious that men have written the script and could be considered sexist. I mean married heterosexual women spontaneously making out with each other seems more a male fantasy than a female one. You have to wonder why these things were put in the first place. You would think that Bad Moms is meant for women more than men. But those sequences could give you the wrong idea. One very curious cameo is of Lilly Singh (a.k.a. Superwoman) a famous Youtuber. Her target audience consists of women between 14 and 25. The majority of these women would not even be mothers yet so how would they be able to relate to the mothers in the film? So yes Bad Moms is very flawed to say the least. However it never felt boring or slow. Most of the characters are very likable and it is very easy to relate to them. Although all of them seem to be well of and have no money issues to speak of. It didn't bother me here but I had they addressed these the film would have been far sharper. Because let us be real here. Most of the problems being discussed here are luxury problems and not of necessity.

Bad Moms is far from perfect but it will make you laugh and sometimes that is all what it takes to be entertained. Right?

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