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Review Live by Night 2016: Solid and entertaining crime drama. Nothing more and nothing less!

genre: crime, drama

Ben Affleck has build up quite the reputation as a director. Even more so than as an actor. And with this latest outing he doesn't disappoint. 

But he doesn't impress either since he basically is rehashing every gangster movie during the great prohibition in the US. With here and there some subtle progressive political statements woven in. And I have to say that for some reason it felt cathartic and therapeutic instead of laughable. But that is the only fresh element in the film as most of it plays out like you expect it to. Is that a bad thing? On a quiet day when you are just relaxing and enjoying your day off this movie offers a very pleasant watch. However if you are craving more than that then look elsewhere because there is nothing in this film that will challenge you or demand more investment from you regarding the plot or events. The same could be said about the cast. All the actors do a good job but none of them particularly stand out with their performances. There were some times I wished Ben would surprise us more with the darker side of the character he was portraying. Especially after the conversation he had with his wife. I would not have mind Affleck channeling Warren Beaty in Bugsy and terrify the hell out of us. Unfortunately the entire film remains quite light and that is quite alright.

Live by Night is a solid and entertaining crime drama. Nothing more and nothing less. 

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