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Review Nomads (1986): A little slow and far fetched for sure but still very much worth your time!

genre: thriller, horror, mystery

Nomads is made in a time where film makers dared to experiment and be creative. That the outcome wasn't always as smooth and coherent is one of those disadvantages I gladly would accept. Since it beats being bored out of your mind with a generic story that doesn't do anything fresh or new.

Right from the start Nomads intrigues since it doesn't waste a second to put you in the middle of the mystery. Immediately you will wonder what is going on and why Pierce Brosnan is speaking with a terrible French accent. Believe it or not him being a French character does have some significance. And if I think about it's almost brilliant. But I won't spoil why that is. Although it is required of you to accept an event and suspend disbelief. To be fair this is a horror film after all. Don't most horror films demand this of you? So it should not be that big of a deal. What follows is an usual journey through memories and hallucinations until you are confronted with answers. Not all the answers but enough to be satisfied. During this trip you are treated to some thrills and a consistent rhythm of suspense and atmosphere. I don't dare to say dread because that might raise expectations but there certainly is something there that keeps thing on edge. But you do have to contend with uneven pacing since the film slows down a couple of times. Although a case could be made that it's these slowed down moments that increase the tension. 

All of this is carried by a solid cast who take their material serious. Lesley-Anne Down has the hardest part in the film where she has to portray two roles. It might not be always clear which role she is playing bur for the most part she pulls it off convincingly. Adam Ant (singer) has a non speaking role as the leader of a gang. Not quite sure why he was chosen to be in this but for some reason he did fit nicely. Actually now I think about it none of the gang members speak. Silent people creep me out especially in films. Without stating the obvious there is a reason why they don't speak. At times these people are incredibly terrifying.

Director John McTiernan did a good job of instilling suspense in quite a confusing and ambitious story. But that is hardly surprising since he himself wrote the story and he has proved with Predator Die Hard and The Hunt for the Red October that he knows how to make good thrillers, If you (like me) were wondering why he has not been making films for more than ten years now then there is a good explanation for that. As it turns out he got involved in some criminal charges he got convicted for and was consequently incarcerated. I don't know all the details but according to wikipedia he had hired a private detective to illegally wiretap Charles Roven, a producer of remake Rollerball, a film directed by McTiernan. But had made a false statement to the FBI about this. And that is big no no apparently. Like the FBI is such a wholesome institute but I digress. Of course this is very unfortunate for him but more for us the film fans since we have been denied his directing. All of his films are gems (yes even Last Action Hero) and I am sure if he ever gets to make films again his future ones will also be.

Nomads is a great horror film if you allow it to be. Despite it being slow on occasion it remained suspenseful throughout and has some nice surprises in store. So very much worth your time! 

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