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Review Shin Godzilla a.k.a. Shin Gojira a.k.a. Godzilla Resurgence (2016): Take note Gareth Edwards, this is how you should do it!

genre: kaiju, science fiction, action, adventure

Shin Godzilla certainly puts Godzilla back on the map like he (or she) is supposed to. After the dreadful Hollywood version of 2014 I was craving a proper one and by god that is exactly what you are getting. Now before you get all happy and cheerful you will have to contend with a few elements that might ask more of you as a viewer.

This movie treats events like they could really happen while at the same time poking fun at everything you could joke about when it comes to monster or disaster films. There is a lot going on beneath the surface provided you allow it to enter your thoughts. You could very easily disregard the political or human related stuff and just focus on Godzilla and his activities. However you would then miss out on some criticism that all people in this world should take to heart. The film takes what seems subtle jabs at certain issues in the beginning but these transform into direct insults and attacks that for me personally were very therapeutic. Next to that it was quite fun to see people respond to the unstoppable force that is Godzilla. Craziest thing is that I was under the impression this movie could not surprise me. I mean how could they still do so after so many movies featuring the creature? And yet this is exactly what happens. Mind you, it is asked of you to overlook a few bad looking effects, but the rewards are definitely worth it so that won't be a problem.

So how was the action? Spectacular. Godzilla shows it's a creature not to be messed with. I am sure he was just chillin with his homies before he got rudely interrupted by us humans with their warfare and pollution. You shouldn't mess with nature as it has the tendency to come back at you without remorse. But Godzilla also points out that humans are easily outnumbered and out gunned and should definitely eat some humble pie before they start their destruction. It's nothing compared to what good old Gojira can do.

I am amazed to find out that people seem to prefer the horrible Gareth Edwards version over this one. For one thing Godzilla is shown in full glory in many different ways. It is true he (or she) might not appear on the screen as much as I would like but still when he (or she) is on screen it's epic. But more important Shin Godzilla is actually exciting and fun. Godzilla (2014) was anything but. It focused on the wrong things in the wrong ways. Besides it took itself far too seriously. Shin Godzilla might seem like a serious affair but like I said it pokes fun at a lot of things including the men in suits concept or other designs for the creature. Shin Godzilla is very aware of what it is and what it should be. Can't wait for more featuring this Godzilla. I hope a sequel or spin offs are in the works because honestly I can't get enough of kaiju films. Especially the ones that are done well.

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