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Review Sandy Wexler (2017): Adam Sandler is killing it on Netflix. We want more!

genre: comedy

It goes without saying that Adam Sandler is a required taste. I happen to like most of his comedy but that doesn't mean I can't be critical of him. The Do-Over for example was not on the level as The Ridiculous 6 but yet it featured a calmer and more toned down Adam Sandler who is less loud and crazy as he is gotten famous for. Sandy Wexler follows the trend of The Do-Over but leaves out the gross out jokes and is one of the main reasons why it ends up as an incredible charming comedy.

Sandy Wexler right from the bat is a character you want to cheer for even if he doesn't seem to be that competent to take on as talent manager. But most important he has his heart in the right place and that is what matters. There are quite a few scenes where emphasis is put on the tragic side of Wexler. This makes sense since basically he is a genuinely nice guy who has to swim with sharks. For me this made him extremely likable plus also funny because of the contrast. But don't worry it's not a sad affair. There are some truly hilarious scenes that will crack you up and make you feel good.

Sandy Wexler is filled with cameos. And it's a showcase of how it should be done. I mention this because after watching Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie and Zoolander 2 I was beginning to wonder if they could do more than just letting these famous names appear on the screen. As in most of his films Adam Sandler has a lot of his friends show up and like always they do a lot in very little time and adds to the charm considerably. It looked like that all of the people involved had fun making this film. In the end that is what Sandy Wexler is, fun. Totally worth your time.

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