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Review Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016): Stylistically a step down but still enjoyable enough to offer a good conclusion!

genre: action, adventure, horror

Look I am not going to pretend that these Resident Evil movies are any good. Of course they aren't. They are very bad films. However they always have been so bad that they were good. They always embraced this to a point where each film topped the previous one in every way they could. For some reason though they took a step down and reduced the stylish action we have come to love and enjoy. 

Now the action is edited in such a way that you hardly can see what's going on. Exactly the opposite of what these films used to show. And this downgrade is something you will have to accept otherwise you won't be able to enjoy this film at all. Despite this questionable editing the film still offers more than enough B movie badness for you to sink your teeth in. You might not get to view everything as you normally would but you still will be able to derive some satisfaction from them. What really is surprising that they actually tried to focus on the plot and giving the franchise a satisfying conclusion. In my opinion they achieved this however not without fault. Very conveniently they left out a lot of events and characters from the previous films almost like they never existed. For example this film does not start where it ended but some time after that and not once it is shown what occurred. The viewer briefly is told the bare minimum at one point where there is no mention of any of the other characters who were alive at the end of the finale of Resident Evil: Retribution. Very curious decision especially since Resident Evil: The Final Chapter seems to mostly latch on the original adaptation that started it all. They way it's done was nice only it does make me wonder if they could not have gone the extra mile to make all of the films connect to this final part. It's not like they had to do that much since like the previous films you have Alice recapping /narrating the story and she could have easily included this huge onslaught that messed up things for her yet again. 

Once word got out that this final part was a downgrade I braced myself to expect the worst. And maybe it was me lowering my expectations even further that enabled me to enjoy this like I did. But honestly I don't think this is the case. Despite the flaws and perhaps laziness (probably because they got tired of making these films and want to move one to better things) there still is a high fun factor present that will allow you to spend your viewing time pleasantly. 

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