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Review Logan (2017): A proper send off for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine!

genre: action, adventure, drama, comic book adaptation, super hero

Let us be real for a moment. Most of the X-Men characters have been done a great injustice by 20th Century Fox. I am not saying that they completely ruined them but most of the films featuring them have been a mixed bag at best. Not to say that I did not find them enjoyable however I do think that the franchise needed a lot more TLC than it got. Wolverine is a good example of a compelling and complicated character in the X-Men universe who got severely mistreated. If it weren't for Hugh Jackman he probably would not have been as popular as he is now. At least he did his best to be true to the original character as much as they would allow him. Now Hugh Jackman has expressed that it's time for him to quit the role. Whatever the reason, it inspired him and director James Mangold to give us a proper Wolverine film. Have they succeeded?

Yes, they have. Logan certainly is a step up on the previous Wolverine and the X-Men films. Jackman's Logan probably is the closest to the comic book character than he has ever been. Although that still has to be taken with a grain of salt since anyone who has read a Wolverine comic book knows that the films barely have scratched the surface of what he is about. But let's not go there since in this case it's of very little consequence. So does the film deserve the praise it's getting? Oh yes, no question that the film does more right than it does wrong. Except I have to be honest Logan did not have the huge dramatic impact on me I kept hearing and reading about. And this is because the story only has a few moments where we actually see the main characters build up some emotional connection. There should have been much more emphasis on the relationship between Logan and Laura. Or at least more banter between them. When certain moments occur you barely feel the anguish or sorrow you are supposed to be feeling. It's only because of the good acting of Hugh and Patrick Stewart that you understand what they were going for. The whole story is as simple as it gets and they easily could have made it more complex and compelling by giving us a little more on Logan's state of mind or why he has lost the will to fight and why he barely cares about others. Still I take what I can get and what I got was good. The action was brutal, exciting and very relentless. Actually the whole film is quite dark and depressing. Logan has no problem going where no X-Men film has gone before which for some could be shocking. For me personally it's one of the main reasons why I was very willing to overlook the flaws. Sometimes violence portrayed in films can be so very satisfying and therapeutic even.

Logan is a slow moving but compelling film interchanged with a lot of violent action and spectacle that entertains throughout. But you have to realize that this movie is meant as a goodbye to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine following a template of classic western Shane. It doesn't add anything new or different to the character Wolverine or the X-Men universe in case you were hoping to be wowed with new developments and revelations. Perhaps a missed opportunity still I am happy that Logan does live up to the hype.

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