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Review Scary Movie 4 (2006): David Zucker zucks. Yes, I misspelled it on purpose. Deal with it!

genre: comedy

First of all, compared to previous Scary Movies this one is really bad. It had some funny moments and yes sometimes hilarious. But the great thing about the first two movies was that they were actually enjoyable. The third was already declining but still a lot better than this. Sometimes I really got bored. I love mayhem, slapstick, English humour and black humour (when done right that is). But this was not even close. Also as a parody this one comes short because most of the time it is not so obvious which movie is being made fun off. OK, I recognized: Saw, The Grudge, The Village, War of the Worlds, Million Dollar Baby, Fahrenheit 9/11,The Ring and Brokeback Mountain. But that is all it was, referencing movies without adding something extra. Say what you want about The Wayans Brothers they did put a lot of their own unique take on comedy in the first two. They did put some heart in their projects. And back then managed to bring more flavour to certain scenes. They definitely made me laugh a lot more than David Zucker has done with this entry.  David Zuckers earlier work like the Naked Gun series and Airplane) are genuine masterpieces of comedy. That is why it is really hard to understand that he could not make a better movie out of this one. In my opinion, you should forget about this and the third part and just watch the first two Scary Movies. Because at least they are a lot more fun and entertaining. 

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