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Review Loving (2016): Nice but a bit underwhelming!

genre: biography, drama

Loving is about an interracial couple whose marriage is deemed illegal in Virginia. They got arrested for this supposed crime and were sentenced in court to leave the state and not return for 25 years. Only one of them could enter the state before that but never together. This is the 1950's we are talking about. I hate to say it but I can't stress enough that this wasn't that long ago. Such shameful and blatant racism is simply outrageous. I was expecting the worst. Really thought that for the most part this film would depress me. Only surprisingly the film didn't do that. For sure I was convinced this film was going to made me angry or worse. But no, the film is so quiet and underwhelming that I am asking myself if this story has been done justice?

That would imply that I know about this story and this is not the case. In fact most of the events as they are depicted in the film are true. While there is no doubt that this is an important story it's not a spectacular one. Actually if I think about it this film accurately depicts the racism as it exists today. Not very violent or dramatic but subtle and almost silent. And while that is a real issue it limits what can be shown. A lot of the pain and anguish suffered by the main characters is something that occurs on the inside. Both Mildred and Richard seem to be quiet and calm people. They rarely get angry or get into fights. While that is highly remarkable and a testament of their true and endearing love it's a tad boring for the audience. Sometimes it's fun to see a couple fight. Still I do have to compliment the film for staying true to real events and not dramatizing it to rake in more bucks.

The sole reason I wanted to watch this film was because of Ruth Negga and her Oscar nomination (Oscars 2017). I really like her and she had impressed me since the first time I have seen her on the screen. So I was very happy to hear she got nominated. She certainly deserves it. Only I am not sure if she does for this role though. She acts a lot with her eyes and there is no denying that she was good but memorable? Same goes for Joel Edgerton. Good acting on his part but not to a level that makes you feel the grandeur.

Overall this film was decent and nice. But so underwhelming which again is not the fault of the film since they wanted to stay true to the real events as much as possible. And for that the film does deserve a big amount of respect.

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