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Review All Cheerleaders Die (2013): Social Justice Warrior pretension killed the fun!

genre: horror, comedy

A horror film about cheerleaders that is not a slasher film? Somehow that is all kinds of wrong! And All Cheerleaders Die is proof of that since it goes into a different direction and fails completely.

First of all the film is drenched into pretension so much it is sickening. And what is it that this film is trying to shove in our throats? Feminism. Not the original ideology that refers to equality between men and women. No! It's the new one where all men are branded as misogynists and pigs. The films also makes a point that women don't actually need men. Now if there was a more objective and balanced perspective on the matter then maybe I could have taken this seriously. But of course that would have been too much to ask since all men in this film are downright bastards and useless. There wasn't a single normal guy amongst them. Sure Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson, that is very believable.

What is even worse is that at first this film pretends to be a horror flick that is aimed at guys because of the cute cheerleaders and their provocative antics. Actually it goes even beyond pretending since you are actively deceived because both the men and women in the film act irresponsible and ignorant. Although there is one character named Maddy (Caitlin Stasey) who has a legitimate reason for acting the way she does which I must admit was a very solid plot development. However all the other female characters are as superficial as they come. That is until disaster strikes and then suddenly we are supposed to side with them. Admittedly the film does a good job of that since by god the men are incredibly despicable. It is exactly the way this is done that put me off. While sometimes I can appreciate the simplistic contrast between good and evil here it was just aggravating, unconvincing and boring. Whether you like it or not most people aren't pure evil. Even the biggest creeps have good characteristics. It is one of the reasons why they manage to get away with certain things or don't get caught being evil. No, not in this flick. Here most of the guys are either evil or weak jocks that very easily follow alpha male Terry played by Tom Williamson. But this is hardly surprising since we are supposed to hate all the men. Doesn't matter if the ladies themselves are selfish and murderous. Only it doesn't stop there. On top of all things suddenly most of the women are into women like they needed the tragic events of the film to come out of the closet. 

At one point I considered that perhaps directors McKee and Sivertson mean well but simply went about this in a wrong and that they should be excused until I saw how this film ended. At the very end the title of the film is displayed and underneath part one appears. If this is not proof of their arrogance then I don't know what is. You know I don't mind horror films paying attention to political or social matters. But you will still have to deliver on the elements people watch horror films for in the first place. If you fail to do that, then no matter how true or noble the message, it won't arrive. Plus it really doesn't help to mock your audience. Stay away from this!

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