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Review Pet (2016): Hobbit goes psycho? I guess the events of Middle-earth have caught up on him.

genre: thriller, horror

Pet is a twisted, dark and sick tale featuring Dominic Monaghan as Seth who is socially awkward, timid but seems to be on the breaking point of some sorts. This starts when he meets Holly (Ksenia Solo) someone who went to the same high school as him so he claims. She doesn't recognize him and even after multiple interactions after it is clear she has no interest whatsoever. She as well seems to be on the edge constantly. According to Seth himself he has fallen in love with her and just tries to woo her but fails miserably. Then one night where Seth oversteps boundaries with her she calls out for boyfriend who beats him up a little and he decides to go a different route.

If you have watched the trailer then you will have a pretty good idea what that entails. But what you probably don't know that the real surprises come after what is shown. Just when you think it's becoming predictable you are served some good twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end. Even when you figured out what is going to happen the film manages to stay fascinating throughout since there is something very appealing to the darkness and evil that is displayed. I would even go so far to call this a romantic tale although a very bizarre one. Although I will leave that one up to you. Monaghan is convincing as a creep but it is Ksenia Solo that surprises as the strong woman. Still I wished they would have gone a little deeper into their characters since most of the horror comes from their interactions and it would have helped if we actually cared about them. It could be argued that while this tale is weird and bizarre it doesn't go far enough. I mean as in that it puts the viewer on edge constantly. This could be due to some pacing issues and not enough nail biting moments occurring. But I can't deny that the ending will be surprising for some. Although if you have been paying attention to the characters and what they are about it is possible to predict that outcome. One thing that one has to take in account though that most of the events are very implausible and very convenient. It's pretty far fetched and quite unrealistic. This is not unusual in these type of thrillers and actually something I embrace wholeheartedly especially if they offer the surprises this film does.

Overall this is an entertaining and twisted thriller that offers surprises not seen in trailer which in this day and age (unfortunately) is very rare. So certainly one I can recommend.

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