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Review Inferno (2016): You would wish the blazing fires of hell would burn you to a cinder!

genre: thriller, adventure, action, crime

The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons preceded this title and both of them were highly unremarkable. Surely Ron Howard would be able to do better the third time? 

Forget about it. This is easily the worst film of all the Dan Brown adaptations and I am beginning to suspect that the writer himself also might not be as brilliant as made out to be. Howard fails to keep events suspenseful because no time is taken to build up tension. Right from the start you are thrown into a messy adventure where you barely get time to digest of what is displayed on your screen. Not that it is that complicated. Still the pace is so fast that you move from event to event with lighting speed and the consequence is that you never really get the chance to get deep into the story. You are introduced to many characters left and right and you hardly get to know them let alone care for them. Even our favourite professor Langdon (Tom Hanks) who used to be on top of things is completely confused. Granted his head got hurt and is suffering from amnesia but is that a good enough excuse? (I know what you are thinking. Amnesia. That most overused plot device ever! Yep. Hence me not convinced of Dan Brown's writing skills.) Part of the mystery is finding out what happened to him and how he got involved. Now I must admit that the way this started was pretty interesting. Actually quite frightening since Langdon constantly is being plagued by the scariest visions. Almost hinting the devil himself might be involved. That could be surprising if you weren't aware that Inferno is a synonym to hell. But I am pretty sure most of you know this going into this film. The prospect of such a thing happening is intriguing naturally but of course this being an adaptation of a Dan Brown novel highly unlikely. If anything the previous movies have proven to demystify a lot of spiritual and religious phenomena and why would this part be any different. The second you realize this that these visions are only symbolic the borefest begins. Not that nothing is happening. Because there is plenty going on. Problem however is that none of what the film is offering is particularly interesting. For some reason the apocalyptic event that is about to occur hardly gets to you. Mostly because of how the story is told. You aren't actually allowed to form your own thoughts since the film does it best to explain things to you. Result is that you simply can't be invested and you could care less. 

Of course there is more to be said but why should I? This movie is not worth to write about to that extent. Avoid this, it's a giant waste of your time.

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