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Review Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition: An improvement on the theatrical cut? Slightly!

genre: action, adventure, comic book adaptation, super hero, science fiction

People on Youtube kept saying how the extended cut of Batman V Superman was so much better and that this is the version that had to be shown in the cinema. And since this ultimate edition does add a whopping 30 minutes to the film you would think that the film would have changed significantly no? Wrong. All it did was bore me to death even more.

In my previous review you can read that I had big problems with the large first part. This first part does seem to flow a little better and make scenes more coherent. And Henry Cavill comes across a little more sympathetic. However there is a trade off. It now takes the film much longer to get to the good parts. And again your patience will be tested. Because none of the bad elements are changed or removed. What bad elements you may ask? Well, for starters Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor is just as annoying as he was in the original. Also this time it's neglected to give him a solid and proper motivation to why he is so adamant to destroy super powered aliens like Superman. But you know what I can live with lack of motivation. He is the designated main villain and that is all that matters. Much more important is the stupidity of some of the plot elements. This is fully intact as it remains just as comical as in the theatrical cut. I am of course referring to the secret bullet plot and how the fight between Batman and Superman ends. Didn't make sense then and doesn't make sense now. 

I do question the sanity of some of the Batman V Superman fans. According to them the changes are significant and then they give examples how that occurs. But while you are watching the film these so called changes are hardly noticeable. They are so subtle and pointless that they don't matter that much. That's right. I will say it again. These changes don't matter. Why? Since it has very little effect on the overall characterization and main plot. The end result is the same. You will still feel the same when the good parts begin and when the film ends. Ok maybe the ending is less rushed now and the dramatic effect is increased very slightly. 

But does that make this ultimate edition a better film? No. It's still the same flawed film that even more than the theatrical cut is setting up the Justice League film. So there you have it. Don't get swayed by fans who are trying to convince you that suddenly the film is improved considerably. This is not the case. 

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