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Review Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (TV Movie 2015): If they keep making them like this I am game!

genre: horror, science fiction

Sharknado 3 like it's predecessor has fully embraced the craziness and manages to be a fun ride throughout. It might have slight pacing issues but that is me nitpicking a little. Since this third entry does try to change up a few things to offer some variations on the premise. And that ambition has to be commended. 

First off Sharknado 3 starts with a wink to the James Bond franchise and that is always a good thing if you ask me. More and more Fin is becoming just as cool as Ash. And why not? Ian Ziering clearly is enjoying himself which adds to the fun factor. But it doesn't stop there. Like in the second there are so many cameo's and "big" names involved that will very likely warm the hearts of many fans. There are so many that I am not going to name them all but check out the list on wikipedia. Funniest cameo's are George R. R. Martin who finally gets what he deserves for killing so many GOT characters and Jerry Springer who wants to take a picture of himself and presumed death shark. It was very nice to see Lorenzo Lamas on the screen. I hope we get to see more of him properly. He was looking good. If The Expendables 4 is happening he needs to be part of that movie. So Sly if for some unknown but miraculous reason you are reading this: Make it so! Frankie Muniz (from Malcolm in the Middle), David Hasselhoff and Bo Derek (who for once came off as a decent actress) are added to the cast. But even better Cassandra Scerbo returns as Nova kicking ass better than before. 

I really prefer her over Tara Reid. Reid keeps looking like a scared bunny and refuses to embrace B movie badness fully. Speaking of her. She is barely in this although she is part one of the most bizarre scenes you will ever get to see in a TV Movie. Apart from that she doesn't really add that much other than being Fin's love interest. Cassie Scerbo is a much better match for Ian Ziering because they do got crazy chemistry and it is almost comical how Fin supposedly has no romantic or sexual feelings towards her. Yeah right. I am wondering how long they will keep that up. 

Another thing I liked is how they finally are trying to give an explanation for what is happening and how it is possible for these sharknado's to appear and apparently becoming bigger and more dangerous. Not that I need one but it is nice to see that there is some sort of continuity going on. Overall if you liked Sharknado 2 you will like this as well. 

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