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Review Napoleon Dynamite (2004): A movie that solely relies on the quirkiness of the characters which is incredibly funny!

genre: comedy

Finally I got to see Napoleon Dynamite and I liked it very much. First thing you will have to realize that there is no real story in this film. We are simply getting insight into the  lives of Napoleon Dynamite (played by Jon Heder) and other quirky characters like Pedro (played by Efren Ramirez), Kip (Aaron Ruell) Napoleon's brother and Deb (Tina Majorino). Believe it or not that is all what it takes since these characters are completely fascinating and funny.

They are funny because the way they carry themselves is what you call atypical yet they don't seem bothered by it. In fact by staying true to themselves they manage to achieve whatever they have set their minds to. It is important to note that while these characters especially Napoleon seem super weird you won't be laughing at their expense. Because when you get to know them a little you will start to like them and you will be able to see past their unique view on the world.

I liked how this film stayed clear from the usual and conventional plot devices. Because of this the film is quite unpredictable. As it could go in any direction . But the film chooses to be light, upbeat and optimistic. There is almost no conflict or drama. I can't tell you how refreshing that is. Sure this film is not your laugh out loud kind of comedy but if you will let it there is enough going on to make you smile, laugh and cheer. The acting overall is very good since you do accept and like the characters for who they are. Even the shady uncle Rico (Jon Gries) is one you can feel sympathy for.

In the end you will be rewarded with a classic moment that in the context of the story is the culmination of the themes this movie is touching upon. It's a surprising but especially beautiful moment. Not long after the credits roll and it seems the movie have ended. But wait after the credits there is an extra scene where all the weird and awkward characters are put together and again it's endearing and funny at the same time. So is this movie worth your time? Oh yes, definitely. Will this be for everyone? No, I think for some the humour will be to subtle. Although I do believe this movie is made for everyone to be watched because of it's message. Accept people for who they are. They might very well be a little weird and quirky they still are very much like you and me only slightly different. Besides isn't this what makes the world such a fun and interesting place? If we all would be the same and act like other people expect you to wouldn't it be boring?

If you liked this film then I can recommend Nebraska. It also is about quirky characters living in a rural town.

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