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Review Now You See Me 2 (2016): Improvement on the original! It's a kind of magic.

genre: action, adventure, crime, thriller, mystery

If you would ask me what transpired in the original I honestly could not tell you. I know I enjoyed it but that for the most part I was disappointed since it was incredibly forgettable. Not so with this one.

This film managed to hold my attention throughout and make me laugh. I already was prepared for the magic tricks to be CGI heavy so I had no hope for these illusions to be real or realistic. It certainly helps to suspend disbelief in parts otherwise you will have a hard time accepting most of the events. Once I did I it was very easy to get carried away and join the horsemen in their adventure. Although there were some things that I thought this film could have done without. The double role of Woody Harrelson. He did a good enough job to distinct the two but other than that it was rather pointless. The other thing that bugged me slightly was Jesse Eisenberg. He is really starting to get on my nerves. Does he even have range? I mean how is his role any different from all the previous roles he has played? 

The acting for the rest is solid and how can it not be with names like Morgan Freeman, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Caine and Daniel Radcliffe. This is the first time Radcliffe played a villain. Not a very competent one but nevertheless a new direction for him and like always is splendid. Don't get your hopes up to much though he is not in this as much as I would have liked to. But that is not his fault. The film moves in quite a fast pace and event wise a lot is happening so it makes sense for his role to be minimal. Newest addition to the horsemen is Lizzy Kaplan who makes you forget all about Isla Fisher. Her character can be a little too energetic but she will grow on you. 

The story of course is centered about tricks and twists and while I figured out most of them long before they were revealed the way it was presented was cool and entertaining. Let's put it this way it made me feel like going to magic shows and embrace magic like I used to. So yes this sequel is definitely worth your time. 

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