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Review Reverb (2008): You will need an aspirin after watching this!

genre: horror

When I read the plot outline on IMDB I was expecting a creepier version of  Blow Out starring John Travolta. Which was an excellent thriller made by Brian De Palma in case you never heard of that title.  The first half hour looked like it was heading that direction and had my psyched. But then the story went where it should not have gone and made the mistake going over the top.  No subtle scenes. Very annoying cuts and use of sound that will make your eyes and ears hurt.  The what appeared to be clever thriller becomes a ridiculous horror that asks too much of your imagination. I understood what they were trying to do. To create a new horror icon that lives on through his music. And yes if you think about it that does sound like a cool idea if done right. But the way they executed it damaged the movie considerably. The actors weren't that bad so I won't blame them.  But the guy who edited this flick should be punished. Naturally he must have gotten the ok from director Eitan Arrusi whoever that is. (Has not done anything in the moviebizz after this film.) With an idea they had they could have created a brilliant thriller / horror. But this movie proves that a good idea alone isn't enough. You need someone who is able to make it work on the screen. And Eitan Arrusi clearly wasn't up to the task. 

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