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Review Find Me Guilty (2006): A courtroom drama that never gets boring.

genre: crime, drama, comedy, biography

When I found out that this was going to be a courtroom drama I had serious doubts in watching this movie. 

While I like the genre there are no real surprises you can throw in the script especially when it is based on a true story. But nothing prepared me for Vin Diesel. Find me Guilty is his best performance till date. And he really makes this movie stand out. He shows a range I haven't seen before in his previous and movies after. There were a lot of moments in the movie you feel for the guy. We know that he is a gangster and has done some awful things and still you root for the guy. His closing statement really does look like it came from the heart. After seeing this it puzzles me why Vin Diesel doesn't do more roles like this. Maybe because they rather see him doing action movies. The direction was also great and I should have known that since Sidney Lumet was the director. Lumet has a certain style where he blends comedy and drama in such a way that it makes you connect with the characters. 

Forget or ignore all the things you know about Vin Diesel and the roles he is famous for. You will be pleasantly surprised what he is capable of. Even his role in Boiler Room is nothing compared to his Jackie DiNorscio.

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