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Review I Love You to Death (1990): Would you believe it that this story is true?

genre: comedy

Naturally certain facts have been altered for dramatic purposes but for the most part the story depicted in this film is true. Kevin Kline plays the charming Joey but who repeatedly cheats on his wife like it's nothing. When the very sweet and trusting wife Rosalie discovers this she decides to kill him. It is here where the hilarity ensues since Joey simply won't die. 

I Love You to Death is mostly hilarious because of the characters. The events themselves are quite bizarre and weird yes but they could have easily been depicted in a serious and dark manner. However all of the cast take the story seriously and make the characters come alive. Kevin Kline for example is a real pig if you think about it. Sure he is a hardworking man who provides and takes good care of his wife and kids in a general way. But at the same time he also takes his wife for granted and treats her like she has to serve him all the time. His wife very happily does all of what he asks because she loves him deeply. Even when he openly flirts with other women she is not offended. When he goes out to fix the pipes or should I say his pipe you can't help but feel disgusted because of this excessive adultery. But what do you know at one point his charm shines through even to the audience. While he already has been poisoned and shot two times he still manages to be civil and hospitable to his guests. Not aware that these guests are only there to kill him. Another great character is Rosalie's mother played by Joan Plowright. In the film it is the mother who motivates her daughter to get rid of her husband. She seems to be connected to all kinds of shady people but luckily for us they aren't nearly as efficient and effective as real assassins would be. It was nice to see River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves playing a part in these comedic affairs. And say what you want but you can tell that Reeves really has grown as an actor considerably. We can only guess where River Phoenix would be had he not died so young. 

Overall this is an incredible fun movie especially since the husband and wife who this story is about are still together and very happily married till date. Tony Toto changed his ways and has remained faithful ever since. Isn't that a beautiful story? 

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