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Review The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines (2006) (TV)

genre: action, adventure, fantasy

Again people don't seem to realize that this movie is all about fun. Like the first part this is a parody on the adventure genre, especially Indiana Jones. It is not supposed to be a serious or thrilling movie. After reading some comments and reviews you would think that this movie has nothing to offer and really is rubbish. Wrong! The sequel to The Librarian is just as good and maybe even better. It is full of action, adventure, nice special effects (remember it is only a TV production) and a lot of comedy. And they even added a touch of drama. Time just flies when you are watching this movie. This movie never gets boring. And again Noah Wyle is great, who shows growth in character and is more confident than he was in the first part. I am glad that they have made a third movie and a follow to these movies with TV Show The Librarians. I can watch movies like this again and again. I am ready for a fourth and fifth movie. Make it happen people!

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