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Review The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (2004) (TV): Fun, Fun, Fun and guess what more fun!

genre: adventure, action, fantasy

Honestly I think that this movie is more deserving of praise than it has. The Librarian doesn't pretend more than it is. It is just a parody on the adventure genre in general (mainly Indiana Jones) and other popular movies like Kill Bill Vol.1. (There is a fight scene between Sonya Walger from Lost and Kelly Hu. (It is very badly choreographed but it is played out so seriously that it becomes hilarious.) And even when it is making fun of certain movies it manages to be as exciting as the movies that are made fun of. Plenty of action, a lot of comedy and even nice scenery. What more do you want? The acting is superb. You can tell that the cast had a blast in making this movie. Noah Wyle is terrific as the brilliant but clumsy new Librarian. From the minute we get introduced to him we know that there is something special about him. The fact that he hasn't experienced real life makes it all the more interesting. 

I know that for some this might be hard to comprehend. But The Librarian should not be taken seriously since it is a spoof on Indiana Jones mostly. Don't confuse this with the TV Show The Librarians though. While that show is a follow up to the movies it is slightly different. If you ask me this is a must watch.  

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