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Review Kambakkht Ishq (2009): Good fun for the most part!

genre: action, comedy, romance

While this is no masterpiece of any kind it does do what it is set out to do. And that is entertain. The problem however is that it entertaining for a certain kind of audience. In it's heart this is a romantic comedy that distances itself from the traditional Bollywood love story. Although it does contain elements from that genre. Basically the love story is more westernized and that apparently is too much for your typical Bollywood fan too handle. Bollywood fans want to see the same thing over and over again. Any change or modernization is felt as a slap in their face. And this is something I just don't understand. Since most of what is happening in this movie is pretty universal especially the conflict between the main characters. I have to admit that some scenes are far too silly and drag the movie a bit. But for the most of it is all good fun. Ignore the critics and you might be surprised how entertaining this movie actually is. 

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