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Review Gun n' Rose a.k.a. Long teng si hai (1992)

genre: action, comedy, drama, crime

As a longtime fan of Hong Kong movies I can say that I am very forgiving to trivial matters like plot as long as it is compensated by good action, humor or good performances. While the action scenes are decent it nowhere near is impressive. Also while this movie has the impression of being an action movie it isn't. The action scenes are too short so it is impossible to enjoy them. The focus here is on the plot. Which is silly since there is not much plot to speak of. Most of what we get to see are supposedly funny scenes with Andy Lau showing off his leader skills. Usually I have no problem with Andy Lau's style of comedy. In this movie however it is simply out of place. The other performances by normally good actors like Simon Yam and Leon Lai are below average. It's like they think they are in a serious triad movie and deliver their lines accordingly. Resulting in a complete farce. Alan Tang is Alan Tang. He is the only one who gets away with keeping a straight face in this ridiculous movie. For a much better Andy Lau / Alan Tang combo I refer to Return Engagement which is a masterpiece compared to this. Especially if you love Heroic Bloodshed. 

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