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Review Giallo (2009): Epic fail!

genre: thriller, horror

When a director distances himself from a movie that is never a good sign. And after watching this movie I have to say that he is right to do so if there is truth to this claim. 

There was a time Dario Argento could do no wrong. So what exactly happened? Maybe we will never find out.* But for now I understand very much that this isn't a film to be proud of. There is not one scene that shows the master's brilliance. It does make me wonder what the film could have been without the interference of the producers. It also doesn't help that the story is quite weak. There are no twists and turns. Well, maybe a very little one. None concerning the Killer. But the biggest flaw of Giallo is the lack of real tension and suspense. Even when the killer is known, a giallo film should provide thrills in some way or another. Otherwise, what would be the point of this film. (Thinking about it, this film can be seen as a bad parody about the giallo genre. Since most events seem more comical than serious.) Adrian Brody and the beautiful women are the only things that stand out in this below average product. A real shame that this film failed to fuel and inspire to bring the genre to a broader public. This could have been the chance to introduce new people to one of the most creative and fun genres in cinematic history. Unfortunately, this was nothing of the sort. 

Avoid big time!

*For a more in depth review read the following article on website Behind the Couch:

Giallo - Exclusive Review 

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