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Review Saviour of the Soul a.k.a. Gau yat: San diu hap lui (1991): Classic low budget flick!

genre: action, fantasy

Even when it is obvious that this is a low budget production. You still will be amazed by the beautiful cinematography and artwork. It is like a live action manga. Some special effects are a little cheesy. But they are used in such a way that you won't mind. The action scenes are fast paced and very energetic. There is not much of a story. The main part is about Ching's love for Yiu May-kwan (Anita Mui). There is lot of humor used in this movie. Sometimes it is a bit over the top but in combination with the serious love theme there is a fine balance which overall is very enjoyable. This movie is a showcase what the Hong Kong cinema is (or should I say was) about. The lack of budget rarely is a problem for Hong Kong movie makers to be creative and come with a good product.  If I had to make a comparison. A lot of the movie magic happening in this film reminds me of Tsui Hark in his old days. Think A Chinese Ghost Story 1 and 2 in modern setting. (And while officially Tsui Hark only was attached as a producer he clearly was the one calling the shots left and right since his brand or typical wacky style is all over the film. There is no mistaking that.) Saviour of the Soul has a very similar vibe where many genres get blended superbly which results in something truly unique. When it comes to action and entertaining craziness Hong Kong cinema is the best. Saviour of the Soul is proof of that. 

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